At WheelWorks, we are:

Creating New Worlds — by combining traditional (music, photography, arts and crafts, dance, drama, creative writing) and digital (animation, digital art, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Motion Capture) art forms in our Workshops, Programmes and Projects.

Creating New Worlds — with the unique and innovative artworks our artists and participants produce from their individual and collective imaginations.

Creating New Worlds — with the positive impacts we’re having on our participants, often socially disadvantaged children and young people aged 4-25 from across Northern Ireland.

Creating New Worlds — by making industry standard technology accessible to young people in communities across Northern Ireland, broadening their horizons in terms of potential career paths.

Creating New Worlds — with our volunteering programme, which enables young people to join our Programmes and Projects as participants, upskill to become peer mentors, then assist WheelWorks artists with facilitating Projects and return to their communities to share their new skills.