Community participation

Creative development for the young and the young at heart

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There are all sorts of ways to get people creative. We know because we’ve been inspiring people for years.

From taster sessions to full blown parties, we know how to use creativity to get the best out of anybody. We can turn you from a Van No into a Van Gogh, some people just need a little direction.

But we just like to start by having a chat to see how we can help.


Activities include but are not limited to:

— Taster sessions

— Programmes

— Special Events

— Festivals

— Exhibitions

Really it’s about what feels right for the project. We will work with you to understand the needs of those involved to create an experience that has real impact for those who need it.


The Proof is in the pudding!

We're proud to have worked with so many people, communities and organisations to provide experiences that inspire, develop and challenge individuals. Take a look to see how we can make a difference.


We understand that not everything might be rosey in the garden, but that doesn't stop us. It makes us more determined to help.

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