Our Programmes & Projects can be for fun, for educational purposes and/or can look at a particular social issue which the participants would like to explore — e.g. good relations, bullying, intergenerational, health and well-being, diversity and personal and cultural identity. 

Projects can be structured around a selection of traditional and digital art forms and will usually have specific outputs at the end of the process - e.g. an app, film, piece of music, online game or exhibition.

Trailblazer Digital Academy - funded by Executive Office (Good Relations and T:BUC)

The Trailblazer Digital Academy will offer a range of tailored youth programmes and workshops from DJing and film-making to web design and music technology. We will work with 80 children from the Ballymena area over a period of six months. 

 The children will address a number of different good relations themes and outputs will include: short animations, films, games , apps and music which will capture the thoughts, discussions and team building challenges of the participants.

 In addition the Academy will recruit and work with 10 volunteers from the greater Ballymena area who are keen to get involved in the project, support the children and earn a recognised qualification in the process.

Showcasing Positive Futures - funded by Executive Office (Good Relations and T:BUC) 

We will explore visions of good relations, positive attitudes and community pride with 36 young people and six creative trainee volunteers from three groups in Antrim and Newtownabbey area by creating a cross community good relations play written, designed and produced to showcase their shared experience.

Transforming Belfast - The Glider project - funded by Executive Office (Good Relations and T:BUC)

We will be working with young people aged 10-15 from east and west Belfast, to create a futuristic digital journey experience to be shown on the Glider Route using digital music, 3D animation and Augmented Reality.

PASS (Promote, Advance, and Support for Success) 

i-Connect is a new programme which offers young women (aged 16-24) in Ballymena, Antrim and Carrickfergus who are currently not in employment, training or education the chance to enhance their digital skills. 

Over 8 weeks, participants will learn a range of digital media skills, including photo editing, film-making, special effects and basic computer coding.  

They will also put together a personalised digital portfolio which will tell prospective employers or colleges all about themselves and what they have to offer.  This portfolio will be hosted on the free Zappar app platform, which is used to access Augmented Reality (AR) content. 

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