WheelWorks Digital Development Lab

WheelWorks Digital Development Lab

160.00 200.00

Session 1: 3D Character Design & Texturing — This workshop is perfect for gamers, novice game designers and those wishing to work in the film and animation field, or for those wishing to expand their skills in game modelling.

Session 2: 3D Character Animation & Motion Capture — Learn to animate a 3D character for a game, animation or film by recording your own motions and actions in real-time to any 3D character model. 

Session 3: Augmented Reality Development — create a 3D character for animation.

Session 4: Beginner 3D Game Design — Create your own player or enemy in your 3D game, using original 3D characters created for your game from our other workshops or a ready-made character library, you will then import those models into Unreal Engine 4. 

Session 5: Music making — develop a soundtrack for your animation or game using the latest real time technology. 

No experience is necessary to attend the workshops but early registration is advised, as spaces are limited. 

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