What We Do:

WheelWorks Programmes & Projects are more structured learning and engagement opportunities which usually take place at a number of sessions over several weeks or months at your school, community group or youth club.  

We are currently running Projects under two main Programme headings:

iProgramme — projects which work with young people who come under the Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998, offering equality of opportunity:

— between persons of different religious belief, political opinion, racial group, age, marital status or sexual orientation

— between men and women generally

— between persons with a disability and persons without

— between persons with dependants and persons without.

Our ‘iProgramme’, focuses on marginalised children particularly focusing on looked after children and those affected by trauma; experience traumatic events such as abuse, violence, disasters, war, tragic accidents or major incidents like terrorism. Some of these experiences may be one-off or short-term, but they may also be enduring

The essence of ‘iProgramme’:

— Placing each individual ‘i’ at the centre of their journey through the programme, ensuring self-reflection. Above all the programme will create space for the children to enjoy themselves, forgetting outside pressures.

— The ‘i’ is synonym with all things digital. In what is undeniably a technologically advancing world, ‘iProgramme’ aims to future proof our young people by empowering them and making them tech-savvy through digital arts.

Activities, ‘iProgramme’ offers:

— Creative recreational activity programme which support and complement the care plan of each child or young person in care and/or affected by trauma and the services they access.  

The activities comprises of taster sessions and projects that meet the interests of the young people, combining self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play. Activities are participant-centred with an emphasis on personal goals, linking to individual care plans. This specialist bespoke service strives to remove barriers, encourage dialogue and open access to quality creative learning for all.

  • Community Transformation - projects which focuses on intercultural, intergenerational and women’s groups.

Our Programmes & Projects can be for fun, for educational purposes and/or can look at a particular social issue which the participants would like to explore — e.g. good relations, bullying, intergenerational, health and well-being, diversity and personal and cultural identity.

Projects can be structured around a selection of traditional and digital art forms and will usually have specific outputs at the end of the process - e.g. an app, film, piece of music, online game or exhibition.

Current Projects under the iProgramme:

Halifax - A Peace of Mind - funded by?

We will be working in the Newry, Mourne and Down area with young people aged 11-18 to create a digital arts project on positive mental health.

• Happiness is... - funded by?

A visual arts project sharing positivity and uplifting messages across Northern Ireland!  

We’re working with young people across Belfast aged 4-18, from groups including Rainbow, NICRAS, St. Agnes Youth Club and the Fostering Network.  The programme consists of six visual arts workshops, a celebration showcase event and an art drop day.

• YEHA - ARTiculate - funded by?

YEHA stands for Youth Education Health Advice and the project aims to improve the health and wellbeing of young people at risk across Northern Ireland.  

The YEHA Project supports young people in North Belfast aged 12-24 to tackle issues affecting their health and emotional well being. Their work with young people embraces the core principles of youth work with therapeutic approaches and they have brought WheelWorks in as delivery partner on a series of three programmes that have been taking place throughout 2018-2019, working with the different youth groups that attend their activities.

• 5 Ways to Wellbeing - funded by?

We’re working with Action Mental Health and St. Columb’s Primary School in Portstewart to produce an animation on the 5 ways to wellbeing.  

The production process has been led by the young people and the final film will incorporate 3D character creation, storyboarding and Augmented and Virtual Reality.

PEACE IV Recreation Engagement Programme

We’re working in Antrim and Newtownabbey on an amazing 12 week programme which will help 7 groups of people aged 18+  to create an action plan to run a recreational activity of their choice (anything from crafts to kayaking!), gain a qualification in Active Leadership and access up to £2500 to support their group to set up and run their activity.

Current Projects under the Community Transformation Programme:

·         Trailblazer Digital Academy - funded by Executive Office (Good Relations and T:BUC)


The Trailblazer Digital Academy will offer a range of tailored youth programmes and workshops from DJing and film-making to web design and music technology. We will work with 80 children from the Ballymena area over a period of six months.


The children will address a number of different good relations themes and outputs will include: short animations, films, games , apps and music which will capture the thoughts, discussions and team building challenges of the participants.


In addition the Academy will recruit and work with 10 volunteers from the greater Ballymena area who are keen to get involved in the project, support the children and earn a recognised qualification in the process.

·         Showcasing Positive Futures - funded by Executive Office (Good Relations and T:BUC)

We will explore visions of good relations, positive attitudes and community pride with 36 young people and six creative trainee volunteers from three groups in Antrim and Newtownabbey area by creating a cross community good relations play written, designed and produced to showcase their shared experience.

Transforming Belfast - The Glider project - funded by Executive Office (Good Relations and T:BUC)

We will be working with young people aged 10-15 from east and west Belfast, to create a futuristic digital journey experience to be shown on the Glider Route using digital music, 3D animation and Augmented Reality.

PASS (Promote, Advance, and Support for Success)

i-Connect is a new programme which offers young women (aged 16-24) in Ballymena, Antrim and Carrickfergus who are currently not in employment, training or education the chance to enhance their digital skills.

Over 8 weeks, participants will learn a range of digital media skills, including photo editing, film-making, special effects and basic computer coding.  

They will also put together a personalised digital portfolio which will tell prospective employers or colleges all about themselves and what they have to offer.  This portfolio will be hosted on the free Zappar app platform, which is used to access Augmented Reality (AR) content.

Also available to book:

School Roadshows

We’re working with rural primary schools (P5-P7) in the Mid-Ulster Council area to offer two workshops per school, covering two different art forms, with each workshop lasting two hours.

Digital Capacity-Building Programme

WheelWorks aims to build capacity in digital literacy and creative emerging technologies across communities and schools to allow our programmes to remain sustainable way beyond our involvement. Using technology as a platform we are able to address issues such as diversity, good relations and health and well-being.

Our programme of activities will expose the children and young people to a range  of digital technologies including 3D VR animation, movie making and special FX, game design and programming.  Our aim is simple – to provide a pathway for future apprenticeships to children who have an interest in creative digital technology.

• Who We’ve Worked With:

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• What They Say:

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• Work We’ve Made:

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• How Our Projects & Programmes Are Funded:

There are four different options when it comes to funding our Projects and Programmes:

  1. We secure funding to provide Projects and Programmes in your geographical area and recruit your group to take part.

  2. Your group secures funding for arts and digital Projects and Programmes and hires WheelWorks to provide them.

  3. You talk to us about wanting to provide arts and digital Projects and Programmes in your area and we apply for funding together.

  4. If you would like to make a donation to WheelWorks so that we can provide arts and digital Projects and Programmes to a group/in an area of your choice, please contact us here.

• Find Out More:

To find out more about WheelWorks Programmes and Projects and how your school or group can get involved, contact jude@wheelworksarts.com or maurice@wheelworksarts.com