Programmes & Projects


What We Do:

WheelWorks Programmes & Projects are more structured learning and engagement opportunities which usually take place at a number of sessions over several weeks or months at your school, community group or youth club.  

We are currently running Projects under two main Programme headings:

How Our Projects & Programmes Are Funded:

There are four different options when it comes to funding our Projects and Programmes:

  1. We secure funding to provide Projects and Programmes in your geographical area and recruit your group to take part.

  2. Your group secures funding for arts and digital Projects and Programmes and hires WheelWorks to provide them.

  3. You talk to us about wanting to provide arts and digital Projects and Programmes in your area and we apply for funding together.

  4. If you would like to make a donation to WheelWorks so that we can provide arts and digital Projects and Programmes to a group/in an area of your choice, please contact us here.

To find out more about WheelWorks Programmes and Projects and how your school or group can get involved, contact jude@wheelworksarts.com, maurice@wheelworksarts.com, richard@wheelworksarts.com or graham@wheelworksarts.com