Social Enterprise


For almost 25 years, WheelWorks Arts has developed an outstanding reputation for its creative work with socially disadvantaged children and young people aged 4-25 from across Northern Ireland

We have introduced over XX,000 participants to traditional and digital art forms and worked with them to address a range of social issues through artistic exploration, enhancing their personal development, broadening their educational horizons and creating new worlds for them and their communities.

Creative Training for Corporates

Now, we’re ready to grow further, by adding a social enterprise arm to our organisation.  By working with top level industry professionals across all our art forms and offering specialist creative training to colleagues in charitable and corporate organisations, we can help business do better, while doing good!  

Our tailored creative training sessions will help you to explore pressing business issues - such as interpersonal communication, developing relationships, decision-making, enhancing creativity and personal development through artistic exploration - through carefully structured, themed artistic exploration with top industry professionals which your team will enjoy and which will get the results you want.

On top of that, 55% of the profits from our creative training sessions go back in to helping us work with even more socially disadvantaged children and young people across Northern Ireland.

Whatever business issue you’re facing, we have a creative solution for you!  To find out more, contact Jan Todd, Social Enterprise Co-ordinator at WheelWorks at jan@wheelworksarts.com 

Traditional art forms (music, photography, arts and crafts, dance, drama, creative writing)

Digital art forms (animation, digital art, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Motion Capture)