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What wheelworks
stands for



Forge new creative, exciting and inclusive spaces that inspire and empower young people and their communities to express what matters to them


Work in partnership with young people and artists to enhance their voices through creativity


AIMS & Objectives

We are strong organisation which encourages challenge and questioning

— Effective Governance and Accountability

— Robust Financial Systems

— Skilful Staff, Artists and Volunteers  

— Clear Management and Open Communication

— Diversify to embrace Change and Sustainability

Collaborative empowerment through arts and digital media 

— To establishment of a Creative Hub 

— To build Capacity using Arts as a Developmental Tool

— Artist/Young people see themselves as Innovators

— Strong Long Term Relationships established through Sustained Impacts

Enable the wider community to see and hear children and young people’s perspectives through creativity

— Young people are Empowered to Express their Voice through Arts activities 

— Existence of the Physical and Virtual spaces co-created with young people and artists