Virtual Shared Space

Virtual Shared Space

30 young minds, some VR headsets and a discussion on cross community relations. How does that work? It’s easy, we work together.

WheelWorks understands that tensions between separate communities can be influenced by many factors. We also know that if you get young minds in the same room they soon realise they’re not so different. This is the power of play in action.

It may not seem obvious but innovative technology is paramount in this realisation. We teamed up with various youth clubs to give young minds an opportunity to experience the cutting edge of technology through Virtual Reality interactions and create new friendships.

Even when there are serious issues present, the use of exciting technology helps create a positive experience for all involved. We facilitated an honest and respectful debate amongst young minds. Creating a safe space allowed for a better understanding of each other whilst also giving everyone involved confidence in themselves.

Through fun and virtual interactions, participants are able to forget about their differences and just connect.

Farah Chowdhury