I'm just like you but with autism

I’m just like you but with Autism

42 weeks. 20 participants. 9 artists. 32 creative sessions. 1 party and a month long exhibition. Now that’s how it’s done!

The ACNI ARTiculate project looked into what life is like for a young person with autism. It explored how we could help reduce anxiety, increase social engagement, as well as promote confidence and independence.

Through Illustration, photography, film, crafts, ceramics, acting, dance, enrichment trips and a drop-in youth evening, participants pushed themselves into situations that helped develop their personal and creative skills. This gave genuine insight into the participants’ experience in their exploration of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Using illustration and ceramics as their creative mediums the participants developed a superhero that embodied their personalities, interests and talents. A photo-book was created as a physical reminder of the project’s success and what we had learned.

WheelWorks has a huge network of artists that allowed us to offer an endless variety of creative expertise to fulfill this group’s specific requirements.

Farah Chowdhury