Sonic Bird Box

Sonic Bird Box 

20 participants, 8 practical sessions, post production, feedback and a public celebration.

Teaming up with Ulster Wildlife, Belfast Harbour and 20 young minds, environmental concerns within a local community were discussed. With a common interest in local birds and the quality of water in a nearby stream, this extraordinary project came to life.

A beautiful hand made bird box was created working alongside industry professionals, using first hand recordings of local birds and solar powered sensors incorporating a sound installation that reacts to the changing temperature and salt levels of the water. Materials that had a low impact on the natural environment were used to create a lasting feature in the park for years to come.

The finished art installation conveys the passion of the participants and provides valuable information about the ever changing local environment.

This project inspired interaction and learning through creative technology — something we can all be proud of.  

Farah Chowdhury