WheelWorks Workshops


What We Do:

WheelWorks can add value to events of all shapes and sizes — from a youth club open day to the Lord Mayor’s Show! — with a range of fun and educational arts and technology activities for ages 4 – 25.  

Our Workshops are themed around one or more traditional or digital art forms.

They can focus:

— on a particular social issue which the participant group would like to explore

— on primarily educational purposes

— on having fun

— on all of the above!

WheelWorks Workshops usually last around 2 – 3 hours on one particular day and can take place either on our mobile arts studio the ArtCart, at your school, youth club or event venue.

Current Workshops (*available to book):

Here is a selection of our most popular Workshops, aimed at a variety of age groups:


Movie Special Effects
Create a themed short special effects movie using apps and green screen technology.

Animation - 3D digital/Stop Motion/Minecraft
Produce short animations using various apps and art materials or Minecraft style.

Game design
Create and build a game using your own graphics, photos and music or take part in a team building game design challenge using Roblox software.

Intro to coding skills using Scratch or using everyday objects to create musical instruments.

Music making — digital/VJing
Create music, layer and record voice/instruments for fun or to add to a film, animation or game.

Virtual Reality (VR) experience
Immersive and interactive Virtual Reality (VR) workshop using the Oculus Rift headset.

Motion Capture
Experience a taste of Hollywood and experiment with motion capture technology, bringing an on-screen character to life with your own movements!

Visual Art — crafts & making
Using a variety of art materials to create whatever your imagination decides!

Augmented Reality (AR)  
Augmented Reality (AR) drop-in workshops involve creating your own image using traditional art skills then customising that image with apps that then animate the image in 3D.

Using iPads to experiment with photography and apply after-effects to improve photos.

If you don’t see the Workshop your group would like in the menu above, contact tanya@wheelworksarts.com and we will create a tailored one especially for you!

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How Our Workshops Are Funded:

There are four different options when it comes to funding our Workshops:

  1. We secure funding to provide Workshops in your geographical area and recruit your group to take part.

  2. Your group secures funding for arts and digital Workshops and hires WheelWorks to provide them.

  3. You talk to us about wanting to provide arts and digital Workshops in your area and we apply for funding together.

  4. If you would like to make a donation to WheelWorks so that we can provide arts and digital Workshops to a group/in an area of your choice, please contact us here.

How to Book:

To book a WheelWorks Workshop from the menu above or to ask us to create a tailored workshop especially for your group, contact tanya@wheelworksarts.com