+ What does WheelWorks do?

At WheelWorks we are creating new worlds with arts and digital technology Workshops, Programmes & Projects and social enterprise activities across Northern Ireland.

+ Where did the name WheelWorks come from?

Our founder Gavin O’Connor came up with the name WheelWorks, which reflected his background working with the mobile play service and his desire to create the first socially impactful, mobile youth arts resource in Northern Ireland.

+ What art forms does WheelWorks cover?

WheelWorks combines traditional (music, photography, arts and crafts, dance, drama, creative writing) and digital (animation, digital art, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Motion Capture) art forms.

+ What age groups does WheelWorks work with?

Our participants are aged 4-25 from across Northern Ireland and we also do some inter-generational work which brings older and younger people together.

+ What sort of organisations does WheelWorks work with?

We work with schools, youth and community groups, charities, corporates, councils and families at public events.

+ What social issues does WheelWorks address in its work?

We address a range of issues, including bullying, racism, good relations, LGBTQ, intergenerational, shared space, health and wellbeing. If the issue you’d like to address with your group is not included here, talk to us!

+ Does WheelWorks provide services where social issues are not present – i.e. for education or fun?

Yes, absolutely! Many of our Workshops, Programmes and Projects focus on education or fun and we can tailor both to suit the needs of your group or organisation.

+ What is the ArtCart?

WheelWorks ArtCart is a unique, transformational, mobile arts space that can provide a range of Workshops and creative activities to groups of young people across Northern Ireland.

+ What is the Chill Cart?

WheelWorks ChillCart is a self-contained mobile vehicle which comes to your location and holds up to 16 people, including 4 wheelchair users. The innovative and adaptable ChillCart can be hired in two ways:

— as a drop-in social space for organisations doing community outreach with hard to reach young people

— as a relaxed break-away space for people with additional needs and their families/carers at large outdoor festivals and events

NB. Please note this is not an activity-based service like the ArtCart sessions.

For further information about how to hire the ChillCart, or contact jude@wheelworksarts.com

+ What sort of skills and activities can young people learn on the ArtCart?

Using a mix of digital arts and more traditional art forms, you can experiment with virtual reality, animation, film making, music making, coding, augmented reality, drama, dance, visual art, arts & crafts and photography.

The ArtCart Workshops are suitable for a range of events such as fun days, community projects, schools and youth programmes and council public events.

+ What is the tech spec of the ArtCart?


+ How do I book the ArtCart?

That’s easy! Contact tanya@wheelworksarts.com and she’ll be happy to help or fill in the online enquiry form here.

+ Can WheelWorks provide a tailored workshop for my school, youth group or organisation?

Yes, absolutely! Our ArtCart Co-ordinator Tanya will be happy to help — get in touch at Tanya@wheelworksarts.com

+ Can WheelWorks provide corporate training or team-building activities for my charity or business?

Yes, contact our Social Enterprise Co-Ordinator Jan at jan@wheelworksarts.com

+ What does AR mean?

Augmented Reality (AR) is viewing the real world through a window that is your mobile device.

Digital elements, objects or interactive games are superimposed into the real world and viewed through any mobile device — e.g. the Pokémon GO game, face tracker filters and even dancing 3D characters popping up on a desk!

At WheelWorks we give participants the tools and skills to create their own AR app experiences using state of the art software.

+ What does VR mean?

Virtual Reality (VR) is when the user is completely immersed in a 3 dimensional digital world, which replaces the current environment in 360 degrees.

It’s experienced via an Oculus Rift headset that completely blocks the vision of the real world and replaces it with a digital world. The user can use hand controls that represents virtual hands in the digital world, allowing for user interaction of objects in the digital world, such as using a virtual paint brush, drawing a bow and arrow, and walking through the virtual environment.

Virtual Reality Experience

In the Virtual Reality experience, users can learn to use their virtual hands to interact with their surroundings. Shoot targets, use a bow and arrow, paint all around you and walk around exploring your digital world.

Virtual Reality Lab

WheelWorks offers cutting edge STEM education. We have developed a number of VR workshops for children and young people, from using industry standard software to design Virtual Reality games, worlds and apps to creating 360 degree paintings.

For further information on our VR Workshops, contact Veronica on veronica@wheelworksarts.com

+ How much do WheelWorks’ services cost?

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Costs for the ArtCart (incorporating vehicle hire, artist and driver/technician fees, art materials, mileage and fuel) vary for each individual event and location, but as a guide are usually around £500 per half day (3 hours activity), £950 per full day (6 hours activity).

ArtCart Co-ordinator Tanya will be happy to help with any further queries - get in touch at Tanya@wheelworksarts.com

+ Does WheelWorks provide services right across Northern Ireland?

Yes, with the ArtCart we can drive pretty much anywhere, park up and let the artistic fun begin!