Money talks
it can also really help

we charge to run workshops but we also welcome donations


We will always use donations where they are needed most but if you would like your money to go to a particular area just let us know.

Here’s where we need your support:



Pencils and paper don’t grow on trees, but they are made from them.

We don’t always know what our next adventure will hold, but we will always have the right materials to make it a great experience with your help.



Our ArtCart experiences have already inspired creativity in countless people all over the region.

Your help will allow us to keep up to date with technology, providing creative experiences that inspire all ages.


Digital Engagement

Where would we be without technology? More importantly, how can someone know that they’re destined to make the next technological advancement, produce a world record album or start their own gaming company if they never get the chance to immerse themselves in the latest technology?

We have to keep with the latest technology and we never want that to change. Help us achieve that.

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Social Outreach

Nothing is impossible with the right mindset. We work hard to make sure that we can facilitate creative inspiration across the region to anyone and everyone.

Community Outreach is about understanding the needs of people, communities and organisations. These can sometimes involve complex and awkward destinations and situations, but that’s why we exist, because everyone deserves a chance to be inspired when they need it most.

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Social partnership

Everyone deserves to be heard, to have a voice and feel understood. We have the expertise to make that happen.

We tackle serious issues from health and wellbeing to cross community relations as well as discrimination, social inclusion and everything in between.

Our vision is to work closely with organisations to create and maintain programmes that allow everyone to feel included. It’s tough, but that hasn’t stopped us before and you can be part of this too.

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